This page is no longer up-to-date. Please go to http://mbeddr.com

mbeddr supports embedded software development based on an extensible version of the C programming language and an IDE. Existing extensions include interfaces with pre- and postconditions, components, state machines and physical units, as well as support for requirements tracing and product line variability. Based on these abstractions, mbeddr also supports debugging as well as formal verification based on model checking and SMT solving. mbeddr is based on the open source JetBrains MPS language workbench, a tool that supports the efficient development, extension and composition of languages. Users can define their own domain-specific extensions in a modular way, i.e. without changing the existing definition of C. mbeddr is Open Source software, licensed via EPL).

For a quick impression, take a look at this video:



The system is developed in the context of the BMBF-sponsored KMU-innovativ project LW-ES. The project partners include itemis, fortiss, Sick and BMW Car IT. Take a look at the Team page for details.