An simple Product Engine based on mbeddr

Over the last one and a half days we have built a little demo of DSLs for the insurance domain. It is based on mbeddr and shows nicely how extensible the whole system is. The example is a simple product modeler, including a way to test the calculation formulae directly in the IDE via a table and an interpreter (click on the screenshot to show a bigger version).

The example also shows nicely the benefits of using non-textual notations (tables in this case). We were able to integrate requirements traces and product line variability without any changes — validating the orthogonality of the approach. While we use C’s expression language in the insurance calculations, we exploit MPS’ constraints to limit the set of possible expressions to those that make sense in this domain (i.e. removing some of the C-specific ones such as the address-of operator or the dereferencing operator).

All in all, this was a nice validation of mbeddr’s extensibility and the capabilities of MPS.


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