All-in-One ZIP File Download Available

We have changed our download to just one big ZIP file that contains everything. This makes downloading simpler, and also avoids incompatibility problems among different parts of the system downloaded at different times/versions. Get the ZIP here. We have also consolidated the documentation into a user guide (for everything) and an extension guide. These are in the ZIP, and also available separately. We still have to update the documentation and add some more “meat”. We hope to be able to do this in May.

Have fun and let us know what you think!


4 thoughts on “All-in-One ZIP File Download Available

  1. Hi,
    according to the description in userguide_mbbddr.core I installed MPS 2.04 and followed the Hello-world example.
    When I create the empty module, as described in chapter 4.3, what I should see according to your descripton is:
    module from HelloWorld imports nothing {}
    Actually displayed is:

    What went wrong?

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