A Sign of Life

It has been quiet here on the blog recently. This is for the following reasons. First, we have been using mbeddr in a first application project. So we haven’t evolved mbeddr much, but instead used it in a real project. As a side effect, we have worked a lot on the importer for existing header files. Contact with the real world was painful there đŸ™‚

In addition, we are currently in the process of migrating to MPS 2.5, which is currently in the release phase. We have finished most of the migration of the github repository to MPS 2.5 RC1. We’re also happily reporting bugs and issues to the MPS development team at JetBrains. So at this point, if you want to work with mbeddr, we suggest you use the download ZIPs or the code from the beforeMigrationTo25 tag until we have finished the migration completely.


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