Visualizations Reloaded!

We recently added new visualizations to mbeddr. These new visualizations are based on PlantUML, a textual language for describing UML diagrams, plus a renderer that generates the diagram itself (partially based on Graphviz). We’ve built our own SVG-based viewer, integrated into MPS, so we can use click-to-go-to-editor from within the picture. It is easy to build custom visualizations simply by implementing an interface and overriding a method that generates the PlantUML input text. The rest is automated.

PlantUML is highly recommended: works well, easy to use, and when we encountered a problem, we got a reply to our question quickly, and within a few days, there was a new version that fixed the problem. In other words: PlantUML is actively maintained and the community is alive!


5 thoughts on “Visualizations Reloaded!

  1. Hi Markus,

    I´ve downloaded the lates zip-version of mbeddr (1081).
    I run it together with ver. 2.5.3 of MPS.
    I´ve downloaded plantuml.jar and just putted it into a location that is in the path.
    \Graphviz228\bin is already in the path.

    What do I need to do to get the “Visualize” menu point
    to be able to run PlantUML. Is any Language requiered ?



    • Hi RUdi,

      * you don’t need to install plantuml separately. It is bundled.
      Only Graphviz must be installed separately.
      * You just need mbeddr.core, and you get the visualization menu
      automatically for the respective concepts: modules, components,
      state machines.

      I just reverified this with out VM installation.


      • Hi Markus,

        now I can start it (in model: com.mbeddr.tutorial), but get following error in green :
        “Dot executable : null
        cannot find Graphiz. You should try…….
        java -jar plantuml.jar -testdot”

        1. checked that Graphiz is still in path: OK.
        2. I tried to run “java -jar plantuml.jar -testdot” on cmd line from mbeddr-core where plantuml is stored.
        –> Display-result:
        The environment variable GRAPHVIZ_DOT has not been set
        Dot executable is null
        Error: No dot executable found
        Error: only sequence diagrams will be generated

        My system is Windows 7.

        Any idea?


      • > Any idea?

        Yes. You have to make the GRAPHVIZ_DOT environment variable point to the dot.exe executable (it does say so in the User Guide :-)).
        Also, 2.28 may not work, we use 2.30 here.


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