Recent Developments

It has been quiet on the mbeddr blog for a while. We haven’t implemented a lot of new stuff. This is for two main reasons. First, the release of MPS 3.0 is imminent, and we are in the progress of starting the migration. Many of the upcoming enhancements in usability will depend on 3.0, so we are holding off of implementing many new features currently.

More importantly, however, over the last 6 weeks we have been busy working with a customer on setting up the requirements for the project they want to run based on mbeddr. We will be working on this project for at least the next 6 months, hopefully much longer. This is a major (positive) development for mbeddr and we are all very excited about this opportunity. Stay tuned for more details — we’ll be sure to report them as soon as we can publicly talk about the project.


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