The End of a Great Beginning

As you probably know, mbeddr has been developed in a government-funded research project called Language Workbenches for Embedded Software (LW-ES). This project has run now for two years now, and ends next week. From the perspective of the project partners, the project was a major success: we have managed to work together on a single tool, and hence produced something that is viable. Also, in particular fortiss and itemis have put in a lot more effort than what was strictly funded by the research project. Consequently, we are of course all sad to see this end.

However, the end of the research project is not at all the end of mbeddr. Quite the opposite, in fact. We see this merely as the end of the beginning. mbeddr will continue to be developed. mbeddr is used successfully in a growing number of real-world projects, clearly illustrating the benefits of the approach. We are also working on trying to get more research funding, to continue the research aspect of mbeddr (if you have ideas, please contact us :-)).

So: stay tuned, this site will continue to report on what’s going on with mbeddr!


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