Migration to MPS 3.0 mostly finished

As you probably know, JetBrains has been working on a new major release of MPS, version 3.0. They are currently in the final phase of publishing release candidates and will release the final 3.0 in the next few weeks. Over the last few weeks, the mbeddr team has been working with EAP and RC versions of MPS 3.0 to move mbeddr to the new version.

We have been working with MPS 3.0 for a few weeks, and we think MPS and mbeddr are reasonably stable. We have since merged the 3.0 version into the mbeddr master branch. So if you update from github, you will get the version of mbeddr that runs on MPS 3.0. We will create a new release shortly.

So, to run mbeddr (from github), you will need MPS 3.0. You can get the current release candidate of MPS from the respective blog entries. Soon, of course, the final version will be available from the official MPS download page.


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