Get It!

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How to get it: You can get the code in the following ways, all of them are detailed below:

License and Status: The code is released under the Eclipse Public License 1.0. The code below is an early access preview. This means that incompatible changes are possible in the future, even though we try to avoid them (the C core has been stable for a while, some of the extensions may change slightly).

Issue Tracker: Please use github’s issue tracker to report issues.

Extending mbeddr: The user guide (get it here) describes a set of example extensions. You may also want to look at the MPS Documentation page, and in particular, you should read (in this order) the LWC11 MPS Tutorial and the paper Language Modularization and Composition with MPS (the docs page also has a total of 90 minutes worth of screencasts on this topic).

Contribute: As of now, only our project team are registered as committers. However, you can always clone the repository, make changes there and then send a pull request to us so we can get at your code. And of course, once you’ve contributed useful patches, we may make you a committer.

Windows Installer

The installer is the most convenient way of installing mbeddr on Windows. It installs MPS, mbeddr and all of its dependent tools (cygwin, compilers, verification tools, graphviz). The installer can be found as part of the releases on the github releases page.

It is distributed as a ZIP file. Unzip it and run mbeddr-installer.exe. It will ask you to grant administrator permissions, and then it will install mbeddr and it’s dependencies. After installation, restart your computer to make sure the changes to the PATH variable are active. The installer also deploys the mbeddr tutorial, in the subdirectory “tutorial”. After opening it, you will likely get two errors. First, it complains about an undefined path variable mbeddr.github.core.home. Select Fix It, and delete the path variable. Second, it will complain about VCS root errors. Select Ignore, and the problem is solved. Both errors are a consequence of the fact that we take the tutorial from an environment that requires these two variables, it is currently not so simply to avoid the (easy to fix) errors in the deployed version.

If you experience any problems with the installer please file an issue at our github repository. Beside a detailed description of the problem please also include the debug log of the installer. It is located in %TEMP%/mbeddr/.

Debian Package

Just like the Windows installer you can get the debian package from the github release page. In order to be able to install the package you will also need to have JetBrains MPS installed via debian package. Since there is not official debian package available we have also created a debian package for MPS. To even more simplify the installation we provide packages for the other mebbdr dependencies. You can find a detailed description how it enable it on your machine here. This will also help you keeping everything up to date without any additional work because it uses the well know debian package mechanisms.

If you experience any problems with the packages please fill us a issue a our github repository and label it with debian package .

mbeddr Distribution

This distribution only contains the MPS plugins that represent MPS. All external tools (compilers, verification tools, graphviz) have to be installed manually. The process how to do this is detailed in the user guide. Please see the github releases page for the downloadable plugins.

Here is a very brief installation guide. If you feel unsure about it, take a look at the user guide linked below. It contains a much more detailed installation guide. Also, the Screencasts page contains a few screencasts on the installation.

Please make sure that none of your intall paths for any of the things below contains any spaces!

  • Get Version 3.0 of MPS from the JetBrains website; there are binaries for each major platform.
  • On Windows: install cygwin and be sure to include the gcc-core and make packages. Put the cygwin bin/ folder into you system’s PATH
  • On Mac: install XCode to get gcc and make.
  • On Linux: gcc and make should be there by default.
  • To be able to use the visualizations, you must install graphviz and put it on the path.
  • To use the verifications, you must install NuSMV, Yices 1 and CBMC. All of these are command-line tools and need to be available on the path.
  • Download the mbeddr binaries (from the top of this page), unzip the ZIP file into some directory.
  • In the unzipped directory there is a folder plugins that contains a bunch of folders. Copy all these folders into the plugins directory under MPS.
  • Restart MPS, you should be ready to go.
  • Please read the user guide (from the download page). We’ve put a lot of love and energy in it, and you will have a much easier time understanding and exploiting what we’ve done 🙂

Public Github Repository

The code is open source and can be accessed via public github repository. PLease refer to the user guide how to set up an mbeddr system based on the github checkout.