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mbeddr Core Development Team

Bernd Kolb works as an architecture & technology manager for itemis in Stuttgart. His focus is on Eclipse, OSGi and Modeling. Before he joined itemis, Bernd worked for SAP as an architect on modeling and cloud technologies. Bernd is a regular speaker at various conferences and has written a number of articles in different magazines. In 2008 he co-authored a German-language book on OSGi.

Markus Völter works as an independent researcher, consultant and coach for itemis AG in Stuttgart, Germany. His focus is on software architecture, model-driven software development and domain specific languages as well as on product line engineering. Markus also regularly writes (articles, patterns, books) and speaks (trainings, conferences) on those subjects. Contact him via

Daniel Ratiu works as senior researcher with the fortiss research institute in Munich. Before that, he finished a PhD at Technische Universität München about using business domain knowledge for programs analysis. Daniel’s focus is model-based development, domain specific languages, domain engineering, language pragmatics and formal methods.

Domenik Pavletic currently does his master degree in Computer Science and Media at the Media University Stuttgart, Germany. He is interested in software modeling, domain-specific languages and software architecture.

Kolja Dummann works as a software engineer & architect at itemis in Stuttgart. Before I joined itemis, I have worked for several years automation engineering and embedded devices where my main focus was software architecture and modeling. Beside that I have worked as a consultant for modeling and helped modeling execution and data flows in distributed system. My main focus is on software architecture and model driven software development.

Part-time Developers and mbeddr Prototype Users

Federico Tomassetti is currently a PhD student in Computer Engineering at Politecnico di Torino. He has previous experience as developer, consultant and programming teacher. His main interest is on model-driven development, domain specific languages and languages orchestration. He is an author of different technical and scientific papers.

Bernhard Merkle works as a software architect and engineer in the Research & Development Department at SICK AG, one of the worlds leading producers of sensors and sensor solutions. He serves as internal consultant for the complete software development cycle and is responsible for process and methods selection as well as tool evaluation and introduction. In his spare time he gives a lecture about MDSD (Model Driven Software Development) at the University of Furtwangen in the Faculty Application Architecture Master.

Malte Jannasch works as a student intern at items AG. He studies computer science at the Reutlingen University of Applied Sciences where his focus is in the area of software engineering, architecture and domain specific languages. In his master thesis he works on data flow analyses for mbeddr C.

Marcel Matzat works as a software architect and test engineer for items in Leipzig for more than 3 years. He participate on several industrial projects based on MDSD. His focus is MDSD, especially Sculptor (Xtext), testing and JBoss-Technologies.

Victor Adăscăliței is currently (2013) a CS student in his last year at the Polytechnics University of Timisoara, Romania. He’s a long time self-teaching enthusiast of electronics and computer programming with embedded technologies, the cross subject of these two, being at his center of interest. He is always looking for new technologies, methods and languages to improve the embedded systems development. In the mbeddr project Victor developed and implemented the “Pacemaker” case-study. Apart from that, he’s an astronomy amateur, rocket model builder, stamp collector, poem writer and, occasionally, loves playing on his synthesizer.

Andrei Mituca is currently a master student at Technical Univesity from Munich. Previously he obtained a bachelor degree from “Politehnica” University from Timisoara, Romania. His interests are model based development, embedded systems and computer security. The practical experience gained while working on mbeddr made him enthusiast about domain specific languages and formal verification methods.

Andrei Avram is currently pursuing a master degree in Computer Science at the Technische Universität München. In the past he worked three years part time for a company developing embedded systems in the automotive domain. His interests are software engineering, more specifically model based development and domain specific languages. Another area he is interested in is verification having a background in developing testing and validation tools.

Zaur Molotnikov

Birgit Engelmann

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